The Center for Global Theological Education

The Psalms:

Prayer Book for the People of God 

Class Description:

The Psalms have served as the prayer book for the People of God for three millennia. Through the ages, the Psalms have nurtured the faith of countless saints, martyrs, ordinary believers, and even Christ himself. The Psalms are divided into five books, and students will learn about the history and overarching structure of the Book of Psalms. Each Psalm belongs to a particular classification, including (1) psalms of lament, (2) penitential psalms, (3) imprecatory psalms, (4) psalms of praise, (5) psalms of thanksgiving, (6) covenant psalms, and (7) wisdom psalms. Following this course, the student will be equipped to incorporate the Psalms into private and public prayer.


Class Information:

Instructor from Moody Bible Institute

     Jonathan J. Armstrong, Ph.D.
          Director of the Center for Global Theological
          Education and Associate Professor of Bible and
          Theology, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago


 Facilitator from Ada Bible Church

     Doug Redford
          Pastor of On-Campus Groups
          and Men's Ministry

     More Information about Doug

First Class Period (Onsite): Thursday, October 24, 2019
6:00–8:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Ada Bible Church
East Paris Campus
1640 East Paris Ave, SE
Kentwood, MI 49546


Weekly Class Sessions (Online): Thursdays, October 31–December 19, 2019

8:009:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Class will be cancelled on November 28, 2019, for Thanksgiving



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