Moody Distance Learning Payment Plan Terms of Use

Before enrolling in the NelNet Payment Plan, you must be a Distance Learning student. This means that you are in a one of the following programs: Non-Degree, Certificate of Biblical Studies, Associates of Biblical Studies, Bachelors of Science in Ministry Leadership, Bachelors of Science in Biblical Studies, Masters of Arts in Christian Leadership, Master of Arts in Biblical Exposition, Master of Divinity, or a Masters of Arts in Applied Biblical Studies.

All Spokane, Chicago Undergraduate, or Moody Theological Seminary students do not qualify for the NelNet Payment Plan. These students must register for the Moody Payment Plan. Any non-Distance Learning students registering for the MDL payment plan will have their agreement terminated, and the $50 enrollment fee will not be returned. Moody Theological Seminary Online students qualify for the payment plan.


All payments will automatically be taken out of your bank account or your credit card on the agreed upon day of each month. You may have the option to choose the 5th or the 20th. DO NOT pay Moody directly for your school bill, as this may result in double charges and overdraft fees. The coordination of timely payments and any overdraft fees are the responsibility of the student. 

Once your NelNet Payments have been made, it will take a few days for payment to be posted on your account. 

If you have been charged for a returned payment fee, you should contact NelNet directly if you have questions about this fee. The returned payment fee is nonrefundable.

Adding or Dropping Classes

If you add or drop a class, it will affect your monthly payments. You will be responsible for paying for any increase in monthly payments due to added classes, regardless of your original payment agreement. 

When you add new classes, you are adding charges to your current payment plan for this semester. The payment plan is for all courses added during a semester, not an 8-week term. All classes must be paid in full by the end of this semester’s payment plan (i.e. April 5th or 20th for Spring and November 5th or 20th for Fall).


If you agree to the terms of use, go to the enrollment page.