PCM Request Form

Note: If you will not be enrolling in classes for Fall 2022, please complete the PCM Away Form instead.

1. Student Information

*What will your classification be in the fall?
Please check any of the following that apply to you:

Two PCMs: Once you have submitted this form for your first PCM, please submit a second form for your second PCM through the same link. You will need to check this box on both forms.

Hyflex: While you are responsible for finding your own off-campus ministry, here are some ideas for hyflex ministry in your context:

  • Serving in-person at your church or another service organization
  • Discipleship, tutoring, mentoring, care for the elderly

2. Current PCM

*Do you currently have a PCM on your class schedule?

3. PCM Requirements:

  • A ministry opportunity must coincide with the academic calendar, taking place once a week (same day and time) for each consecutive week of the semester.
  • The student must be involved in ministry, including at least one of the following: the opportunity to share one’s faith; exercise spiritual gifts; motivate (lead) others in ministry; mentor fellow believers.
  • There must be a site supervisor to whom the student is accountable, a person who can potentially mentor, give guidance, and evaluate the student’s performance.
*Have you read the PCM requirements?

4. First Choice for PCM

3. Hyflex Ministry Options

4. Second Choice for PCM

5. Please list your desired ministry here.

6. Site Supervisor Information

7. Confirmation Email

8. Your Responsibility

  • Once you submit this form, a copy of your request will automatically be sent to your site supervisor via email. You must ensure your site supervisor responds to that email with their approval for your PCM request to be complete.

Pending approval, you will be registered for PCM no later than August 22nd. In order to view your PCM assignment, click on the PCM Information link on the Chicago Campus tab of myMoody.