Spokane - Ministry Convenant

Moody Bible Institute - Spokane Field Education Department Contact Information:
Field Education Dept. Phone: (509) 570-5900
Moody Bible Institute - Spokane Campus 6111 E. Indiana Ave, Spokane, WA 99207
E-mail spokanepcm@moody.edu with any questions.

The PCM Ministry Covenant is a semester-long agreement binding Moody Bible Institute - Spokane, the student, and the student's ministry supervisor to the mutual goals of support and commitment in each others' lives and ministries.

Student's Commitment:

  1. I will serve faithfully with this ministry for a minimum of 12 weeks this semester.
  2. I will have a teachable spirit in order to learn from this ministry experience.
  3. I will submit the PCM Covenant to the Field Education Department by the end of the first week of school.
  4. I will contact the Field Education Department if any problem arises.

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Supervisor's Commitment to the Student:

  1. The Supervisor should be experienced in the student's desired area of ministry.
  2. The Supervisor should provide personal supervision.
  3. The Supervisor should contact the Field Education Department if any problems arise.
  4. The Supervisor should be committed to the process of helping you grow in your skill and love for ministry.