Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance Policy

The following students are required to carry medical insurance the entire academic year including breaks, and will be automatically enrolled in the Moody Student Insurance:

  • Chicago students who live in on-campus housing
  • All international students (F-1 Visa) and any spouse/child(ren) that live with them
  • Moody Aviation students taking on-campus courses 

The following students are eligible for Moody Student Insurance: 

  • Commuter students who are full-time status 
  • Graduating seniors in their final semester who are below full-time 
  • Students completing student teaching or internship

Insurance Premium
Fall 2022 Semester:  $873 (per person)

Spring and Summer 2023 Semesters: $1,355 (per person)

If both husband and wife are students, they may each enroll under the individual plan. Dependent coverage is only available to international students. Additional family members and/or non-required students must fill out an enrollment form.

Students are responsible for full compliance with all terms and conditions of their insurance policy, for following the payment policy of the health care provider, office, clinic, or hospital from which they receive services, and any expenses not covered by their insurance (deductibles, copayments, excluded items and services, etc.) This may mean that payment is required at the time of service.

Student Insurance Plan

Read the Summary of Benefits and Coverage Here

Visit to view the full policy, find doctors/hospitals/pharmacies, and access your insurance card. Enrolled students have access to the 24-hour nurse line and tele-counselors for mental health-related concerns.

Students enrolled in the plan will receive an email from Wellfleet upon activation. You will need to create an account at and log in to access your ID card and submit claims.

Please visit or call (877) 657-5030 for any questions regarding benefits, claims, coverage, and prescriptions.


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