Adjustments, Refunds, and Appeals

Dropping a Course

If a course is dropped before the session start date, you will receive full credit for the course. If you drop a course after it begins, you will receive credit for the course according to the adjustment schedules listed below. Credit for payments will be refunded at the end of the academic year, unless requested earlier by sending an email to If extenuating circumstances cause you to drop a course after the credit window has closed, you may submit an appeal. Forms are located in the my.moody portal. 

Credit from Financial Aid

Credit from Title IV funds (government loans, grants, scholarships, etc.) cannot be held over for future semesters and must be refunded as soon as the credit becomes available. You will receive an email when your refund is being processed. 

Receiving Refunds

To receive refunds by a faster and more secure method, log in to your Nelnet account and sign up for direct deposit under "Manage Refunds". If you are using the Moody Payment Plan, you are not automatically signed up for direct deposit; you still need to enter a bank account under "Manage Refunds." If your bank information changes, you must update your information in Nelnet. Once a refund is in process, you have until 2 pm that business day to make changes to your account. 

If you have not set up direct deposit in Nelnet, a check will be mailed to the home address on file. You can update your address in your Student Center. Note: If you are an international student and do not have a US address, we will process your refund through PayMyTuition. 

Adjustment Schedules


Tuition Appeals

When you register for a course at Moody Bible Institute, you are responsible for the costs associated with registering for the course. If circumstances beyond your control cause you to stop attending your classes or drop a course after the normal refund period, you may appeal for an exception to the Moody Bible Institute adjustment policy. Such circumstances may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Death in the immediate family
  • Serious medical condition
  • Military deployment
  • Natural disaster, calamity

The following examples do not qualify as extenuating circumstances; therefore, they do not relieve you of your financial responsibilities. Please do not submit an appeal form if the following circumstances apply:

  • You exercised poor judgment and/or poor time management skills.
  • You lacked knowledge of Moody’s policies and procedures regarding course drops and adjustments.
  • You were not aware of or failed to utilize Moody’s available resources.

Important Notes

Appeals must be made within four months from the final date of the course. Any appeal submitted after this time period will not be considered. If you received Financial Aid for the term identified in this appeal, be aware that submission of a tuition appeal could impact your Financial Aid and result in money owed. It is recommended that you discuss these implications with the Financial Aid office before submitting an appeal.

Tuition Appeal Process:

  1. You must officially drop the course(s) before submitting an appeal (see Course Drops).
  2. Complete each step of the online Student Appeal Form located under the Students tab at
  3. Attach required supporting documentation to the appeals form and/or submit to Appeals submitted without supporting documentation will not be reviewed by the committee. The appeals coordinator may request additional information from the student.
  4. Completed appeals are sent to the Tuition Appeals Committee to review and make a final decision.
  5. The student will be notified by email when a final decision is made.
  6. If the appeal is approved, Student Accounts and/or Financial Aid will adjust tuition and fees accordingly. Any outstanding balance will be addressed first. If there is a remainder after the balance is waived, this will be given to the student in the form of a tuition voucher for future classes.
  7. At the time of re-enrollment, the student will email and request to have the voucher applied towards their tuition.


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