The Center for Global Theological Education

Epistle to the Romans:

Bible Study Methods

Class Description:

This class represents an in-depth investigation of the doctrines that Paul teaches in his magisterial work, the Epistle to the Romans. The class will present sustained discussion on the doctrine of justification, Paul’s understanding of the Law, and the relationship between Israel and the Church in God’s plan of salvation. This course will also teach Bible study methods. Following this course, students will be familiar with the standard tools for Bible study and the steps to creating Bible study curriculum.


Class Information:

Instructor from Moody Bible Institute

     Jonathan J. Armstrong, Ph.D.
          Director of the Center for Global Theological
          Education and Associate Professor of Bible and
          Theology, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago

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 Facilitator from Ada Bible Church

     Doug Redford
          Pastor of On-Campus Groups
          and Men's Ministry

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First Class Session (Onsite): Wednesday, August 14, 2019 

6:00–8:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)

     Dinner available from 5:30pm, and technology clinic available from 5:00pm
          Ada Bible Church
          East Paris Campus
          1640 East Paris Ave, SE
          Kentwood, MI 49546


Weekly Class Sessions (Online): Thursdays, August 22October 3, 2019

8:009:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)



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