myMoody FAQs

How do I find the links and information I used on MBInet on myMoody?

The organization of myMoody is different than MBInet. Now you can find what you’re looking for in the Directory by Subject or Directory by Department. Each directory offers a full alphabetical list of what is available on myMoody.

What are Quicklinks?

Quicklinks are designed to help you quickly access the information you need and use most frequently. While not an exhaustive list, the majority of staff use each item in this area on a regular basis. Simply click the title of the quicklink to go directly to that item.

Can I customize the layout of myMoody?

Yes. Some of the components on the Staff tab are fixed and cannot be customized, removed or hidden. However, we have left much of the space open for you to customize. To place the features you want directly on your page, visit the customization area and follow the instructions listed.

A limited number of customization items are currently available for the Staff tab. In the future, the options will grow to include nearly every section of myMoody.

Why do some pages still look like MBInet?

We are still in the process of migrating all the content from MBInet to our new system. During this time, you will see content that is from myMoody and from MBInet.

While myMoody is still in process, can I offer suggestions?

Yes! We would like to hear from you as we continue to build and improve myMoody. To submit a suggestion or comment on myMoody, e-mail We will consider all feedback and appreciate your taking the time to let us know your thoughts.