Strategic Resource Allocation Committee (SRAC)

What Is SRAC?

The purpose of the Strategic Resource Allocation Committee (SRAC) is to provide oversight, approval, and accountability for the strategic investment of the Chicago property sale proceeds. We endeavor, by God’s blessing and favor, to exercise strong financial stewardship through these sale proceeds to fund expansion of our ministries toward our 2030 goal.

Who is on SRAC?

The SRAC members make up the Executive Team: Mark Jobe, Mark Wagner, Dr. Dwight Perry, Greg Thornton, and Janet Stiven.

Where is the SRAC Funding Going?

Strategic buckets for investment are as follows:

  • 2030 Initiatives – 50%
  • Education Endowment – 35%
  • Corporate Reserves – 15%

What Are the Principles and Criteria for SRAC Approving Projects?

Three underlying principles for the use of the sale proceeds involve the following:

  • Resources are to be used to fund expansion of our ministries, not for current operational needs.
  • Resources will be invested wisely so that the financial foundation of the Institute maintains a sense of stability even in changing financial times.
  • Resources from the endowment should be used to underwrite and subsidize educational initiatives, such as the tuition-sponsored model, scholarships for underrepresented groups, and critical infrastructure needs in order to implement the distributed learning model of Education. Resources for the new educational initiatives, both domestically and internationally, should come from the 2030 Initiatives designated fund, not the endowment.

To ensure good stewardship of these resources with tactful execution and disbursement, business plans from the various areas of Moody will need to be submitted. Once the specific business plan is completed and submitted, a review meeting will be scheduled. SRAC scores the various initiatives on the following ranked criteria:

  • 2030 Vision Alignment and Contribution (Is this initiative strategic in helping us double Moody’s reach and impact?)
  • Ministry Impact (Does this initiative serve to provide and expand the Kingdom of God forward?)
  • Financial Stewardship (Is this initiative a faithful and wise use of funds?)
  • Market Opportunities (Is there a need for this initiative?)
  • Achievability (Are we well-positioned as an organization to undertake this initiative?)

Initiatives and projects are then tracked through their life cycles through monthly and/or quarterly project report meetings.

Have a SRAC Idea?

If you have an idea that you feel would be beneficial to the Moody Bible Institute, please fill out a quick five-question form here! One of our SRAC influencers around MBI will reach out to you for follow-up.

Our SRAC influencers are:

Additionally, if you have any questions about the SRAC process, feel free to contact Rachel Kiesling ( or Erik Hultquist (